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Women in pompeii and herculaneum were not classified as citizens, education was a symbol of respect but motherhood was the most valued occupation [ 15 ] they could not control the political office as they required particular characteristics such as power and rights which they lacked. A brief history of pompeii pompeii may have been founded by local oscans, but from an early period both greeks and etruscans took an interest in its development, undoubtedly because of its prime location on the bay of naples. Welcome to ancient pompeii pompeii is one of the most significant proofs of roman civilization and, like an open book, provides outstanding information on the art, customs, trades and everyday life of the past. For his history, he had drawn on his knowledge of pompeii which he had visited several times in fact, he had written his thesis years years before on ‘in the light of the new excavations’ it is believed that maiuri drew on rostovtzeff for his interpretation of the archaeological finds in p and herc.

Ancient history, pompeii and herc essay intimacy of their own homes hercules, bacchus and venus, based on the greek gods heracles, dionysus and aphrodite, were often found in the lararium, the shrine at which the head of the household would worship his ancestors, along with members of his family and his slaves. A riot in the arena of pompeii between locals and citizens of nuceria results in a ten-year ban on gladiator games in pompeii to navigate the timeline, click and drag it with your mouse, or click on the timeline overview on the bottom 80 bce: roman aqueduct built at pompeii 80 bce: sulla sacks. Ancient history random essay in leisure activities in p and hdoc pompeii n herc university of south carolina history 3330 - spring 2016 pompeii n herc 12 pages wiki 1pdfherculaneum - wikipediapdf liberty university acct 1 - fall 2014. Pompeii was a large roman town in the italian region of campania which was completely buried in volcanic ash following the eruption of nearby mt vesuvius in 79 ce the town was excavated in the 19th and 20th century ce and due to its excellent state of preservation it has given an invaluable insight into the roman world and may lay claim to being the richest archaeological site in the world.

Ancient prostitution of pompeii - history documentary hd history channel documentaries history of japan_japan part 1 history of japan's ancient and modern empire full documentary trim. Pompeii, situated in southern italy, is well known for the vicious eruption of mount vesuvius on the 29th august 70 adthe eruption led to the entirety of the city being buried beneath a 6 metre thick layer of volcanic ash that solidified and preserved everything that lay beneath for 17 long centuries. Pompeii and herculaneum summary examinable content: 1 geographical context the physical environment: the geographical setting, natural features and resources of pompeii and herculaneum plans and streetscapes of pompeii and herculaneum 2 the nature of sources and evidence the range of available sources, both written and archaeological, including ancient writers, official inscriptions, graffiti. Ancient history and archaeologycom - uncovering herculaneum - online resource for articles and blog on ancient history, archaeology and related travels particular emphasis on ancient rome, ancient greece and the middle east and europe. Learn nsw hsc ancient history with free interactive flashcards choose from 97 different sets of nsw hsc ancient history flashcards on quizlet.

I have made a bundle of new and updated resources to cover the ancient history core pompeii and herculaneum there are 5 documents included here that cover conservation of the sites, ethical issues, current problems and solutions (updated january 2017 with current research), problems of tourism and a ppt that goes through syllabus expectations for this section of the core course. Ancient history, pompeii and herc essay the large number of well-preserved frescoes throw a great light on everyday life and have been a major advance in art history of the ancient world, with the innovation of the pompeian styles. Pompeii history ancient history art history roman history history facts ancient pompeii pompeii and herculaneum pompeii people ancient romans forward pompei at the british museum horror: a family frozen in their death throesalways thought that story was complete insanity---and really cool at the same time. Pompeii + herc notes this student studied: hsc - year 12 - ancient history physical environment - easy access to sea (and therefore, also to trade and communication that crossed the mediterranean) - on the coast of the wide bay of naples in campania - bay dominated by the volcano mount vesuvius and herculaneum lay below it, 7km away on a natural terrace. Pompeii: daily life in an ancient roman city resurrects the long-lost lives of aristocrats, merchants, slaves, and other individuals from this imperial roman city made famous for its demise after the eruption of mount vesuvius in ad 79.

Detailed band 6 ancient history notes on the core study of pompeii and herculaneum includes a vast range of sources so that you can get the edge i put a lot of effort into these and they have given me results im proud of. Re: anyone know modern historians for pompeii/herc andrew wallace-hadrill is superb for housing and current conservation of the site ray laurence is pretty good for housing in pompeii, and also societal structure. Lolhsc is your one stop shop for the best hsc resources and notes made by hsc students for hsc students visit us at wwwlolhsccom follow us on twitter at.

ancient history pompeii and herc The term ancient, or archaic, greece refers to the time three centuries before the classical age, between 800 bc and 500 bc—a relatively sophisticated period in world history.

Located in the shadow of mount vesuvius, herculaneum (italian: ercolano) was an ancient roman town destroyed by volcanic pyroclastic flows in 79 ad its ruins are located in the comune of ercolano, campania, italy as a unesco world heritage site, it is famous as one of the few ancient cities that can now be seen in much of its original splendour, as well as for having been lost, along with. The syllabus, assessment and reporting information, past hsc exam papers, and other support materials for the ancient history course. By the turn of the first century ad, the town of pompeii, located about five miles from the mountain, was a flourishing resort for rome’s most distinguished citizens elegant houses and. This site is designed to supplement your classwork and private study of the topic cities of vesuvius: pompeii and herculaneum for your ancient history hsc.

  • Re: streetscapes of pompeii and herc the steping stones were also used because sewage went on the road also with that topic i guess u could talk about what buildings were typical of a roman town ie a roman town usually had a forum, public baths, temples etc.
  • Biographies & history region of campania turbulentunstable volcanic area prone to earth tremors apparently the people of pompeii and herc did not connect earthquake and tremors with volcanic activity from vesuvius through stratigraphic analysis cloud of hot ash and rock that billows over the terrain (barely touching the ground) these.
  • Pompeii source 1: florus, brief history, 1113–6 ancient history section ii — ancient societies 25 marks attempt one question from questions 4–13 allow about 45 minutes for this section answer the question in a separate writing booklet extra writing booklets are available.

Ancient history 2010 assessment task 2 cities of vesuvius – pompeii and herculaneum general instructions • reading time – 5 minutes • working time – 45 minutes • write using black or blue pen • write your school exam number at the top-right of each page. Uncover the archeological mysteries of pompeii and herculaneum on an enriching full-day excursion from sorrento with a knowledgeable guide, witness the devastation of mt vesuvius’ ancient eruption first hand as you explore the volcanic ruins of pompeii and herculaneum on foot.

ancient history pompeii and herc The term ancient, or archaic, greece refers to the time three centuries before the classical age, between 800 bc and 500 bc—a relatively sophisticated period in world history. ancient history pompeii and herc The term ancient, or archaic, greece refers to the time three centuries before the classical age, between 800 bc and 500 bc—a relatively sophisticated period in world history. ancient history pompeii and herc The term ancient, or archaic, greece refers to the time three centuries before the classical age, between 800 bc and 500 bc—a relatively sophisticated period in world history.
Ancient history pompeii and herc
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